Skydiving Nora Higgins wants to raise funds for Irish Pensioners’ Project

Nora Higgins, 83, completed a skydive on August 25 to raise money for an Irish pensioners charity in the UK.

Higgins, a native of Galway, has been living in England since 1984. There, she is the chairperson for the Southwark Irish Pensioners, a charity that sees to it that Irish people in their 80s and 90s are well looked after.

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“Our aim is to help our members have comfortable last years of life,” Higgins told the Southwark News, “and for them to be able to stay in their own homes.”

Higgins noted that her charity does receive funding and support from the Irish government and the Irish Embassy, but she feels they are still understaffed and could use the extra funding to make sure everyone receives the help they need.

For the skydive, Higgins was joined by Ailbhe Mullen, the Executive Director for the Irish International Business Network.

“Having Ailbhe do it with me really made my day,” said Higgins. “Of course they all thought I was her mother come to watch her.”

Ailbhe Mullen and Nora Higgins

Ailbhe Mullen and Nora Higgins

Higgins is no stranger to adventure. In 2016, the Irish woman repelled down the side of Kings College Hospital in London to raise funds for the hospital’s skin cancer unit.

Speaking of her skydive, Higgins told the Irish Post that "age shouldn't dictate your life.”

"You should do what you feel you're able to do."

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Prior to her and Mullen’s jump, Nora said, "I can put my hand on my heart and say that my only worry is the weather. There's a fear that on the day conditions will get in the way of us doing it, so hopefully, that isn't the case.”

No doubt about it, Nora has nerves of steel.

“I really enjoyed it and with perfect weather conditions, our descent was amazing.

“My instructor allowed me to control the parachute for a time, turning to take in views which included the Isle of Wight.”

Nora is nearly at the halfway point of her fundraising goal for Irish Pensioners UK. “Every penny is going to the charity,” she said. Donations are still being accepted online.

Watch brave Nora’s amazing skydive here:

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