In a move to end copyright infringement and online piracy, the EU believes that banning memes is the way to go. We can't let them take away the craic!

The EU could ban memes, so let's put some out while we can for the craic! You can find more feckin' brilliant Irish memes on our Facebook page!

Here are 13 Irish memes to stand up to EU Article 13:

The Irish certainly do love their livestock, so much so as a matter a fact that one man decided to take his donkey on the bus in Dublin. Now, that's true dedication.

Dublin is deliciously odd sometimes

— Paul Trainer (@PaulTrainerPT) January 26, 2013

Ireland may be a small island in the North Atlantic, but at this point, so many of us have left the place that we inadvertently became a global empire. The Brits didn't see that one coming!

In America, there's bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways and a fair share of road rage, but in Ireland, the situation is quite 'baaaaad'

"Ireland; isn't that a part of the UK?" For the last time, no! How many times do we have to explain there's a Northern Ireland and a Republic?

If you ever get in a spot of trouble in Ireland, there's no need to fear. Drink and Tayto are here!

Irish mothers are certainly the best in the world, there's no question about it. But, when it comes to getting off the phone with them, it's a nightmare we've all had at one stage or another!

Brexit could spell a disaster for the whole island of Ireland amid all this uncertainty about the status of the north. The Brits are up to something fishy again, lads.

These are interesting times, lads. Let's hope President Michael D. protects our island from all the madness going around!

Some say that the north of Ireland is a mysterious land. Others may say that it's much like our Narnia. When you start hearing 'aye' or 'what about ye?', just know, you've entered the 'Norn Iron' zone. 

The mam is the head of the household in Ireland that's for sure! Lord help all those who dare question her rule.

The sun and Ireland have a complex relationship, to say the least.

Getting ready for a trip to Ireland this Summer? Here’s what you can expect, weather-wise:

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If you're Irish, when it comes to the heroes of the Irish war for independence after 1916, you're either a fan of the Big Fellow or Dev (Mick will always be the coolest, everyone knows that).

Sure, we all fancy of a cup of tea no matter what time of the day it is!

Find more feckin' brilliant Irish memes on our Facebook page!

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