Kathleen McCormack celebrates her 100th birthday in Dublin

Irishwoman Kathleen McCormack recently rung in her 100th birthday surrounded by family in Dublin.

The Independent reports that McCormack was born on September 11, 1918, in Fore, Co Westmeath. Of her five siblings, only she and her “baby” brother Michael, 93, are still alive.

McCormack never married and never drank, both which she credits to her long life.

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Despite her age, McCormack says she can “remember a lot of Irish history and politics.”

“I remember my mother giving a currant cake to a young man on the run during the struggle for independence, and him running away up the hill with it,” recounts McCormack.

McCormack said that she’s surprised as anyone that she made it to the milestone 100th birthday, especially since she wasn’t all too healthy as a child.

Kathleen McCormack

Kathleen McCormack

“I don’t know how many chest infections and pneumonia bouts I had as a child,” she said.

“I smoked five Woodbines a day then which probably didn’t help,” she added.

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McCormack recalls walking the cows before and after school as a child as well. When she was older, she ran a bed and breakfast in Dublin on Gardiner Street.

“Thank God I’m still here and I’m sound and healthy,” Kathleen said.

“I’ve always been an independent woman and I believe women should strive for more independence.”