Redheads and red hair lovers, it’s time to celebrate, for today is none other than National Love Your Red Hair Day.

This November 5, we call on everybody, not just those lucky enough to have red hair, to celebrate all the benefits that come from having one the most alluring and rarest of hair colors.

Established by sisters Stephanie and Adrienne Vendetti, co-founders of “How to be a Redhead” and authors of the “How to be a Redhead Beauty Book”, the annual event is now in its second year. Adding to the many redhead festivals that take place internationally throughout the year and to the latest map hoping to track all the redheads in the world, the celebration is helping to bring redheads worldwide together to embrace their unique style.

To mark the occasion, IrishCentral spoke to the Vendetti sisters to discover their top recommendations for marking How to Love Your Red Hair Day in true redhead fashion.

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Here are their top ten tips:

  1. Make it all about redheads today


Pop in an old episode of “Anne of Green Gables” or “I Love Lucy” and then continue the binge watching with a movie featuring Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain or Maureen O’Hara. Have a red velvet cupcake and pumpkin spice latte while you’re at it. 

  1. Wear sunscreen.

Yes, no matter if it’s chilly, cloudy or sunny. We must protect our skin (and freckles!) during this very important day. No one wants to end the celebration with a sunburn.

  1. Celebrate in style. 

National Love Your Red Hair is the perfect day to wear apparel that expresses why you love your locks! 

  1. Rock your favorite redhead hairstyle. 

Let your hair do the talking today. Wear the hairdo that gives you the most confidence. Don’t forget your redhead hair accessories!

  1. Treat yourself.


It’s your day! Let today be your reminder to care for hair, body and inner self. Get a blowout, take a yoga class, go on a little ‘redhead friendly’ fashion shopping spree or lay low with the "How to be a Redhead" book or MC1R Magazine. 

  1. Share your favorite redhead selfie.

Snap away! Use #LoveYourRedHairDay.

  1. Use the emojis we do have. 

Since we don’t have a redhead emoji, use these throughout the entire day:  [the crown emoji, fire emoji, and unicorn emoji]

  1. Share this day with other redheads.


Being a redhead is like being a part of a special club. Smile and/or say hello at every redhead you see!

  1. Tap into your inner mermaid 


Turn on an episode of “The Little Mermaid” or rock some green eyeshadow and a purple shirt. Redheads really are mermaids. 

  1. And, most importantly: ROCK IT LIKE A REDHEAD!


Whatever way you chose to spend the day, have fun.

How will you celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day? Let us know in the comments section, below.

Hurrah! Time to celebrate our favorite hair color. iStock