A look at Ireland from on board the International Space station.Terry W. Virts/Twitter

Yesterday, on St. Patrick’s Day, an astronaut on board the International Space Station managed to snap a cloudless view of Ireland from 200 miles above Earth.

The Emerald Isle really looks quite green in American astronaut Terry W. Virt’s photo, as he himself noted.

Ireland has previously been a favorite of astronauts on board the ISS, from Canadian Chris Hadfield, who built up a massive Irish following while in space, to American Cady Coleman, who brought with her two Irish flutes belonging to the Chieftains, to Douglas Wheelock, who sent a St. Patrick's Day greeting from the ISS last year.

Virts has been in outer space since November 23, 2014. Yesterday he also tweeted a St. Patrick's Day appropriate solar flare.

He also tweeted an otherworldly green glow over Ireland, Scandinavia and the UK just last month.