This Irish comedy is the perfect weekend binge series

Hardy Bucks is now on US Netflix, following the massive success of Irish programs Derry Girls and Can’t Cope Won’t Cope.

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Netflix describes the show Hardy Bucks as “A circle of young men entertain vague ambitions involving quick cash, women, and show-biz in this mockumentary on small-town Irish life in County Mayo.”

The RTE series was born from a 2007 college project created by Chris Tordoff, Martin Moloney, and Owen Colgan. They uploaded the webisodes to YouTube and went viral from there.

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You can get a taste of Hardy Bucks comedy from this compilation:

The show garnered such a following that in 2013, the boys went for the big screen in The Hardy Bucks Movie, which some have described as the Irish version of the popular The Hangover movie franchise.

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Catch the movie trailer here:

All four seasons of The Hardy Bucks is now available in the US on Netflix for streaming.

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