An American writer and storyteller is conducting a survey on modern day fairy sightings.

Mark Lyon said that during his travels throughout Ireland he encountered credible witnesses who shared with him their stories of personal encounters with the fairy folk. These tales, along with his own experiences, have inspired him to launch an “Irish Fairy Census.”

"I have experienced inexplicable and seemingly supernatural events on the Hill of Tara and on the Holy Island of Monaincha and I clearly recall seeing what I believe may have been fairies as a child," Lyon told

"These experiences have caused me to wonder if we may occasionally obtain a glimpse into a world beyond our ken." 

Lyon is looking for first-hand accounts from anyone who has encountered Irish supernatural beings such as fairies, leprechauns, or banshees.

“I wish to invite Irish people to share with me any first-hand encounters they may have experienced with Irish supernatural beings in any of their elusive and fascinating forms,” he told the Irish Independent.

“In 1959, historian Dermot Mac Manus published "The Middle Kingdom," in which he collected first-hand accounts of then living individuals who recounted having actual encounters with Irish fairies.”

“To my knowledge no attempt has been made since then to determine if such encounters still occur in today’s Ireland.”

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If you have had an encounter with any type of Irish fairy folk, you can contact Lyon by email at mlyon @, or by post at 12364 Summit Ridge Drive, Nevada City, CA.