Responsible gambling is a huge deal these days.

It means that players will play with the money they can afford to lose and they can stop gambling when they want. It also means that they will be immune to gambling addiction. If a problem occurs, players can use options like GambleAware, and other providers. All of these are designed to help players who have developed gambling addiction or are worried about one. Below we will compare all of them and see which one you may want to use if there is a need for that. 

Who is GamStop

GamStop is one of the oldest and most advanced programs of this kind. It was created by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Unfortunately, it is not available for players from Ireland so far, but it is one of the most effective programs of this kind. The goal here is to create an account at GamStop if you are worried about gambling addiction or if you have one already.

Once you have created a free account, you will choose how long the ban will last. You can choose 6 months which is not long or enough for some players, 1 or even 5 years. Once you are done, you cannot gamble any longer at UKGC online casinos. There is no way you can remove the ban or skip it. The only possible way to continue playing is by using non GamStop casino sites that operate in the country. Maybe those platforms can even be registered in Ireland or in other counties, but as they do not cooperate with the commission, they are not obligated to connect to the self-exclusion program. Overall, it is still effective and here are some of the benefits you will get:

  • GamStop is free
  • Over 80% of users are satisfied with the result
  • It affects all UKGC gambling sites
  • Ban cannot be removed before the specified time frame
  • Easy to use 

Overview of Other Responsible Gambling Initiatives In Ireland 

In Ireland, GamStop is not the only platform of this kind you can use. There are others and some users prefer these ones. Anyway, you will need to know something about each one and see why you may want to opt for one. 


This provider will help you in numerous ways. You can take the test and see do you need professional help. You also gave free support, available 24/7. It is confidential as well. Here you can also learn about gambling issues and related problems. 


GamblingCare is another massive helpful provider in Ireland. They offer you live chat, telephone call, or any other type of medium you may want to use and these are available 24/7. You can also set your own goals and keep track of them. There is also a recovery kit you can use. 

Gamblers Anonymous

This is the oldest platform on the list. It has been available since 1957. It helps you locate meetings near you and allows you to talk to a professional instantly. It is rather limited when it comes to features, but extremely helpful. 

Comparison of GamStop With Other Initiatives

There are a lot of different elements here you need to know before you can choose which option to choose from. Below is a detailed comparison where you can learn all the basics and all the main differences and similarities. 

Scope and Coverage

All of these platforms cover online gambling. But, GamStop is completely focused on online gambling only. It doesn’t block land-based casinos in Ireland or UK. Other methods are more focused on helping you avoid all forms of gambling but they cannot block operators. 

Accessibility and Ease of Use

When it comes to simplicity and accessibility, all of these methods are easy and simple. We can add that GamStop is the simplest one. Gamblers Anonymous is the most complex of them all. It is still simple but a bit harder to use than others. The website is a bit obsolete. 

Effectiveness in Preventing Gambling-Related Harm

GamStop is effective in over 80% of cases. Other methods here are less effective. Probably the main reason is that it is different from other blockers as it does not depend on a device. But all of these still offer a high success rate hence you can try each one and see which ones work the best. 

Collaboration with industry stakeholders and regulators

GamStop works with UKGC only and it covers casinos and betting sites with this license. Other platforms can be found at all operators and they are not paired with one gambling authority only. 

Public Awareness and Perception

People believe that GamStop is the most effective method and the best-known. This is partially true. However, don’t think that other methods here are not effective or they have some issues. 

Challenges and Limitations

GamStop is used by UKGC sites and it covers only. But it is the only method here that offers self-exclusion. Other methods help you solve gambling addiction without blocking options. They may, however, offer you help with apps that can be used for blocking all gambling sites. 

Recommendations For a Comprehensive Responsible Gambling Approach In Ireland

One of the best things you can do is to start with one of the methods mentioned above. It should be GambleAware or some other but not GamStop. This applies only if you don’t have a gambling addiction but you are worried about it. You can even take the test at Gamble Aware and get the answer. If you have gambling issues, you should start using responsible gambling tools. 

The goal here is to find a solution that works best for you. As many know currently gambling problem is on the rise in Ireland and a good start will be using GambleAware and other methods. If you need something “stronger”. you can try something similar to GamStop immediately. It is important to add that you can use GamStop in the United Kingdom only. It cannot be used if you live in another country so far.