An Irish startup company is attempting to revolutionize the way athletes enhance their physical performance, by profiling their DNA.

Dublin based company Genetic Performance offers customers a sports DNA analysis, strength, conditioning and nutrition service.

“We are trying to give athletes the vital edge,” explains Joseph Dalton, Sales and Marketing Director with the Dublin based firm.

“We help you understand your genetic potential,” he told IrishCentral.

With offices in Dublin and the U.S. the company provides information for sports enthusiasts to learn about their DNA, with the goal of maximizing their athletic or sporting potential.

With a simple non invasive swab of a person’s cheek the company can design a tailor made training program for that person. There are a number of different programs on offer, starting with their ‘Personal Genetic Performance Test’ at $260 (€189). 

After a customer provides a swab, the company sends the sample to a lab based in Washington DC where they examine ten sports specific genes.

This test detects mutations in certain genes, which affect your physical condition, your endurance capacity, and your speed and strength. Your results remain valid for a lifetime.

“Then we will give you a ten page document on your genetic makeup,” Dalton explained.

“We can tell you what exercise and sports suit you best.”

The company can then craft an individual training program for that person based on the results. They will also identify your genetic athletic “barriers” and devise a plan to overcome them.

Dalton told IrishCentral several parents have inquired about their services, so as to enable their kids to excel in school sports.

“Children can grow up thinking they are rubbish at sport, but it’s that they are not practicing sports that suit their genetic makeup,” he explained.

The company has been endorsed by high profile athletes around the world, including former UFC Fighter Kenny Florian.

“Change and evolution are the name of the game,” says Florian’s testimonial. “GP has unlocked the genes that make up my athletic ability. I now understand the genes that I have and what my genetic strengths are.”

Genetic Performance - Athletic dna testing and training program