There was a 3.4% increase in overseas visitors to Ireland in June 2019. 

June 2019 was another great month for Irish tourism with over one million overseas visitors heading to the Emerald Isle. The month picked up again after a slight dip in numbers in May, according to figures from the Irish Central Statistics Office. 

With the challenge and insecurity felt by Brexit, numbers of visitors from the UK are still slightly down but the increase in numbers from North America, in particular, is more than making up for it. 

In total, June saw 1,061,800 overseas visitors to Ireland - an overall increase of 35,400 (3.4%) compared to twelve months earlier. Trips from the UK dipped by 1% while visitors from the rest of Europe, North America and other parts of the world all increased. 

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“The figures indicate a very mixed picture," said Shane Clarke, Tourism Ireland’s Director of Corporate Services, Policy and Northern Ireland.

"(There was) a modest performance and some continuing underlying weakness from Britain and mainland Europe, but with North America and long-haul markets continuing to show consistent growth so far this year.

"Feedback from industry partners on the ground suggests weaker demand and a late booking pattern, with concern being expressed for the second half of 2019.

"However, Brexit remains an ongoing challenge, giving rise to consumer concern, particularly in Britain and some mainland European markets."

In May 2019, figures were down just .4% from May 2018, totaling only 4,000 fewer visitors. Over 1,021,000 overseas residents went to Ireland in May 2019.

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