There are few places more stunning than the west of Ireland when the sun is shining. Sandy beaches and seaside towns galore, the west of Ireland is home to the Wild Atlantic Way, a fantastic route that shows you the best of the west.

Here are five of our favorite things to do across the west coast of Ireland during summer.

Visit Inis Mor

The largest of the Aran Islands, Inis Mor is a popular tourist attraction along the west coast. A visit to the island provides an insight into what life was like in Ireland during a bygone era, and offers up some truly stunning views and sunsets. Inis Mor is certainly one of the best places to be in the world when the sun is shining.

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Check out the Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions every year and are widely regarded as one of the most impressive natural wonders the country has to offer. Every year without fail thousands of visitors have their breath taken away by the sheer scale and magnitude of the Cliffs. The Cliffs can be enjoyed by a height or by boat, allowing visitors to get an idea of just how huge they are.

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Spend a day in Galway 

Galway is a must-see in any prospective traveler with an eye on visiting the west of Ireland. This vibrant city is filled to the brim with things to do and see and is guaranteed to be one of the more fun places you visit in your lifetime. Galway is the perfect destination for anyone wishing to experience the fun side of Ireland. The city's many bars and restaurants are filled with music and you're guaranteed to find a singalong if you go looking for one.

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Jump on a bike

What better way to see Ireland's stunning west coast than by bike. Cycling is extremely popular in Ireland and really allows you to get out and experience the Irish terrain first hand. While not for the faint of heart, experiencing Ireland's wild west by bike guarantees an adventure, and is the perfect activity for Ireland's summer months.

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Go Surfing

The secret is out; Ireland is a bonafide surf destination. A long way from Hawaii or California, the west coast of Ireland is littered with some world renowned surf spots. Places like Lahinch, Bundoran, and even the Cliffs of Moher can boast some incredible waves and have attracted professional surfers and adrenaline junkies from all over the world. When the sun is shining on the west coast there are few things better to do than jump in the ocean for a swim and a surf.

Have you traveled west? Where would you recommend to visit? Let us know in the comments section below.