‘MyMind Mental Health’ is a major organization in Ireland that is trying to combat the stigma attached to mental health and open up access to services.

Krystian Fikert is the founder and CEO of the organization. Fikert set up the company in 2006 in response to Ireland’s complicated mental health system. MyMind provides affordable and accessible mental health services within the community, which aims to bypass the need for clinical referral, long waiting lists and high cost services.

MyMind is a non-profit social enterprise, with profits made from fee-paying clients, which are  used to subsidize those clients who cannot afford access to certain services.

Fikert says, “In MyMind, I have developed a fantastic model which can help many people in Ireland.”

“The Model is the most important starting point. As an experienced psychologist and psychotherapist, I ensure that all services are conducted to the highest standard.”

The startup company is thriving and now employees more than 60 staff, as founder and CEO Fikert has managed the growth and development of the non profit.

“My role is to continue the MyMind model of mental health services and its huge potential to lead changes in relation to improving community well-being in Ireland.”

MyMind's solution to current mental health situation in Ireland: Earlier intervention leading to better mental health.

MyMind is an alternative to the medical model. They do not prescribe drugs as a solution, only if necessary.

MyMind is easy to access, clients are able to see a professional within a few days after initial contact.

MyMind services are affordable, providing reduced cost or free sessions for those who cannot afford the full fees.
Why should the average young person be concerned about mental illness and what should they know about mental health?

Here are just two facts:

One person in every three attending the family doctor has a mental health issue that is connected to the medical problem. Of those people who live to 65 – one in nine will spend some time in mental health care.

As a member of the general public it is highly desirable that you should learn as much as you can about the importance of mental health and recognize and deal with causes of stress and other factors that can lead to mental breakdown.

Remember that some time in your life, you, a member of your family or a friend could become mentally ill and your understanding and help could be of tremendous support.

To learn more about the 'MyMind' model check out their website mymind.org.