From thrilling zip lines to Celtic-themed challenge rooms, this adventure center in Galway is perfect for all the family. 

Situated about 10 minutes outside Galway City, Wildlands is a unique adventure center that offers something for people of all ages. 

Thrill-seekers need look no further than Wildlands' Zip 'n' Trek - a daunting and exhilarating obstacle course set 40 feet above the ground. 

Featuring zip lines, rope bridges, and a variety of other obstacles, Zip 'n' Trek boasts a number of different levels ranging from moderate challenges to high-octane races along a 90-meter zip line. 



The heart-stopping rush of adrenaline that one feels when rocketing along one of Wildlands' many zip lines is something that really stands out during a visit to the adventure center, but it is by no means the only attraction. 

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There is also a Zip 'n' Trek Junior for adventurous children who may not be quite ready to scale the dizzying heights of Zip 'n' Trek. 

Wildlands has been constantly expanding since it was opened by the Bohan family in August 2020. 

In February 2022, the ingenious Celtic Challenge Rooms opened at the center, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Irish mythology like never before. 

The Celtic Challenge Rooms feature 24 different rooms comprising of mental or physical challenges or a hybrid of both. 

Challenge rooms are not a new concept, but what sets Wildlands apart is its focus on Irish mythology, giving visitors a chance to channel their inner Setanta and attempt to fire a sliotar at the legendary hound Cú Chulainn or go head to head with the Brown Bull of Cooley. 

Attempt to fire a sliotar at Cú Chulainn. IrishCentral

Attempt to fire a sliotar at Cú Chulainn. IrishCentral

From St. Patrick to the Pirate Queen Granuaile, almost every famous figure from Irish mythology is represented in the Celtic Challenge Rooms. 



For those who might be unfamiliar with Irish folklore, the Celtic Challenge Rooms are the perfect starting point. Visitors can even take them on as Gaeilge. 

With each challenge lasting between five and ten minutes, visitors are able to take on the vast majority of challenges during a typical 90-minute visit. 

The Celtic Challenge Rooms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to indoor offerings at Wildlands. 

Baile Beag (Irish for small town) opened in May 2021 and offers young children the chance to run amok in a miniature town featuring a Garda station, gas station, and pharmacy. 

Constructed by local carpenters, Baile Beag is ideally suited for birthday parties or family events. 

Two new attractions - Cloud Climb and Ninja - have also recently opened at Wildlands, offering more activities for younger visitors. 

Suitable for children aged 4-7, Cloud Climb is the first of its kind in the Republic of Ireland. 

The indoor adventure trail is akin to a netted climbing system, combining a playground with climbing frames and allowing children to jump from "cloud to cloud" in complete safety. 

Ninja, on the other hand, is based on the hit ITV reality show Ninja Warriors UK. 

Also the first of its kind in the Republic, Ninja is a fun-filled obstacle course featuring four different levels. 

Wildlands also offers a number of indoor climbing walls, a range of fitness and yoga classes, and an outdoor disk golf course. 

Éadaoin Coyle, Marketing Manager at Wildlands, told IrishCentral that the adventure center caters to people of all ages and interests. 

"We cater for all ages, from our mini adventures such as Baile Beag to offerings for adults like Zip n Trek and climbing walls," Coyle said 

"We're just 10 minutes from Galway City. It's a place to come and connect with nature and just get away from it all. You're taken by surprise when you arrive at Wildlands. You drive in and you're on 20 acres of mature woodland. There's lots to explore, we've got woodland walks and plenty of adventures." 

Coyle noted that the Celtic Challenge Rooms were of particular interest for American tourists trying to get in touch with their Irish roots. 

"It brings a real fun aspect to the learning. You're learning really interesting pieces of Irish history as you go along." 

Arguably the jewel of the Wildlands crown is its award-winning Olive Tree restaurant. Offering a wide selection of delicious pizzas and main courses that will leave you salivating, the Olive Tree is the perfect way to round off a day of adventure at Wildlands. 

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The Wildlands Wagon - a converted 1970s post van located adjacent to the Olive Tree - provides an alternative for those simply craving a coffee or a cake. 



The Olive Tree is capable of holding 150 people at any time, while an event space upstairs is capable of holding a further 200 guests, making Wildlands the perfect destination for birthdays, school tours, and corporate events. 

It has been school tours that have kept Wildlands going during the turbulent years of the Covid-19 pandemic, Coyle said. 

However, with things finally returning to normal, the adventure center is seeking to diversify its audience by establishing itself as an attraction for all ages. 

Coyle pointed to the 14 luxury self-catering cabins that are set to open at Wildlands this autumn. emphasizing that there "really is something for everyone". 

For more information or to plan a trip to Wildlands, click here.