We asked our Ireland of the Welcomes readers their opinion and thoughts on the magazine... here is what they had to say!

“The stories and visual images renew my spirit, provide interesting information, and contribute to my planning for my next trip to Ireland.” 

-Sammy Greer, Springfield, Ohio

Our sister publication Ireland of the Welcomes is a glossy magazine that arrives at our subscriber’s door six times a year. Produced in Dublin, Ireland of the Welcomes is an award-winning magazine that showcases the best of Ireland's history, scenery, culture, and traditions to the world at large. 

Beloved by generations of readers, we are proud to say that Ireland of the Welcomes is the largest and longest-running Irish interest magazine in the world. 

Each issue of Ireland of the Welcomes is a beautiful Irish mosaic of people, places, and cultural treasures. Featuring lavishly illustrated articles on Irish beauty spots, regular features on Ireland’s extraordinary history, remarkable literary talent, music, and dance traditions, as well as folklore, festivals, events, and so much more.

Ireland of the Welcomes has become a valued friend to many people with Irish ancestry and to legions of fans who are fascinated by the true spirit of Ireland. 

The Survey Results 

Our readers are at the core of everything that we do and in 2020 we reached out with the Ireland of the Welcomes Survey, asking for a little of your time to tell us what you really think of the magazine to help us plan for future editions. 

We are delighted with the insightful and helpful responses we received and today we would like to share just some of the thoughts our readers shared with us:

"I love the letters people send in, the photography and in your last magazine, the article on the towns with Bally or should I say Baile in them, and since I have a home in Ballybunion, I was thrilled to see it mentioned."   

"I love reading the history and biography [articles]. Also highlighting the crafts and artisans. The photography is of course beautiful."

"I would keep the historical articles, the stories about well-known Irish [people], the features about places of interest in Ireland and the greatly appreciated folklore traditions and tales."

"The personal feel of the magazine. It feels like reading letters from a friend rather than articles written by strangers."...

 "I just love the content, be it the articles, photos, poetry, and information on books."  

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey and to all our readers for your continuous support.

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