Where to Eat, Sleep & Play 2013 $4.99
2013 is going to be all about The Gathering which is basically an open invitation to anybody with Irish roots to come back to Ireland this year to reconnect with their relatives and celebrate what it means to them to be Irish.

There are all sorts of events being planned for what promises to be a year-long festival which kicked off on New Years Eve. But, even if that is not the main focus of your visit, there are plenty of other Things To Do and Places to See in Ireland and this guide contains all of what I consider to be the cream of the crop for 2013.

Where to Eat, Sleep and Play in Ireland in 2013 is designed to simplify planning your trip to Ireland. For example, when it comes to choosing accommodation, did you know that there are over 100,000 bed options available daily in Ireland. So, unless you fancy trawling through a maze of discount hotel sites, why not take the easy route and trust my advice gathered over four years of independent travel and research throughout Ireland and discover 10 Posh Places to stay for Peanuts10 Rooms with a Sea View or 10 Pubs with Snugs and Firesides plus many more. 

The lists are tight and limited to the Top 10 for 3 reasons? To narrow down the choice obviously but also to ensure that these establishments keep at the top of their game and that you, the visitor not only gets the most bang for your buck, but also the best possible experience of Ireland.

Similarly, we want you to ensure that you enjoy every meal or food experience you have in Ireland. Visitors assume that we have great food and yes we do, but it is certainly not to be found everywhere and it can be expensive, very expensive ! As anyone who follows my Facebook Page will know, I love and appreciate good food and I am a great champion of those restaurants, listed in my guide, that are making a serious and consistent effort at producing top class food at affordable prices e.g. 10 Gastro Pub Grubs, 10 Luscious Lunches or 10 Top Notch Noshes etc. As well as information on all the must see Visitor Attractions, festivals and tours this year. For a full list of contents or to sample a 'taster' of each category please click here

Where to Eat, Sleep & Play in Ireland 2013 - Price $4.99 is available as an Ebook or in Kindle format on Amazon (if you haven’t got a Kindle reader you can download a free Kindle App) and read it on your iPad or smartphone.