Summer, fall or, er winter.

An article in the Travel Insurance Review suggests that almost any time is a good time to visit the old country.

Summer is perfect for a trip because the historical sites are open, the weather is fair, and the flowers are in bloom. All of Ireland’s stunning green beauty is on show.

The downside is that cities can be crowded with other tourists who had the same idea as you. Hotel and B&B rates go up too.

For this reason, it can also be a good idea to pay a visit in fall. In September and early October, hoteliers lower their rates. Fewer tourists flock to visit so the cities are easier to navigate. The weather may be nippy, but the pubs will be warm.

Last but not least is winter. This is when you should come if you’re on a budget. Everything is cheaper, including the flights (except around Christmas). The hotels and hostels will welcome you with open arms, and cheap deals.

Almost every season is the right time to visit Ireland. We haven’t given spring a mention yet, but surely of all the days to visit, St. Patrick’s Day could be the best. That is, if you can cope with the madness of the celebration.


In winter the weather's cold, but the welcome is warm.