Even as I write the headline it doesn’t ring? true, we are just not a romantic lot in the ‘hallmarked’ sense of the word in Ireland, unless it stamped on inside of a nice sparkly piece, that’s laden down with the right type of carats (not carrots?) believe me there’s are lads here still wouldn’t know the difference.

And that’s despite us having the actual certified remains of St Valentine himself in Whitefriar St Church in Dublin? Great, how romantic is that? we can claim some bonafide bones, no wonder if never took off as a tourism idea? All mocking aside, there is a special blessing of the rings ceremony on the day, and all are welcome to go along and renew their wedding vows, ahh..…

The most romantic Irish fellas usually get is a pathetic bunch of flowers from the petrol station on the way home from work and one of those afore mentioned cheesey cards, please? Listen up guys if you really want to impress the love of your life, be it the Mammy, wife, girlfriend or both? Order (in advance) a one of a kind, piece of floral perfection from the guys at Yes Flowers, in Galway. Having given up hinting years ago, I now book my own ‘surprise’ from them, with his credit card of course, et voila romance!

But if you are single and its passion you are after? A bit of ‘touch, pause and engage’ you need to head to that tried and trusted testosterone stomping ground Landsdowne Rd, or Aviva as it now, or the pub next Sunday as Ireland take on France in the RBS 6 nations. Even if you don’t know the first thing about rugby, manys a girl I know bagged a husband, by investing in a sheepskin coat and hanging out at the Pyramid in Jurys after the match. So get yourselves a green shirt and get down there, you won’t get a look in during the match, and you better learn the words to Irelands call, but you wont get a better concentration of fit fellas to throw your eye at this side of the Shannon.

In case himself is reading this? http://www.yesflowers.ie/

By Susan Byron author of http://www.irelands-hidden-gems.com/