Planning an Irish vacation? It's never been easier to book a flight to Ireland - including a hotel and a car if needed - and all from your phone!

A decade ago no one would have trusted an app and an iPhone to deliver a truly memorable international trip (without a lengthy call to the banking fraud squad that is).

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People didn't trust the format and the technology just wasn't there.

But now, people traveling to Ireland will find booking to be a breeze with iPhone apps at their disposal to help guide their trip

Hopper App

Hopper trawls the net to find bargain fares in real time and they'll alert you about pricing trends and suggest the best times to book to score a bargain.

Hopper claims it can save you up to 40 percent on a flight, saving on average $50 per flight, by advising you if you should book now or wait for a better price using their price prediction feature.

Like a super-efficient, all-knowing travel agent that analyzes up to 15 billion flights prices every day and predicts the future cheapest price with 95% accuracy, you may need this little app in your pocket.

Hopper will also inform you about breaking fare sales, hacker fares, and exclusive deals available from your home airport. They're not kidding about this, we have seen them offer fares to Ireland at some of the best price points we've ever seen.

Voted one of the "10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” by TIME magazine, you should add it to your arsenal of fare predictors and booking services because it does what it promises it will do.

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Flight Drop App

Another new app winning plaudits is Flightier Drop.

Described as a game changer for securing cheap flights, it has been designed to expose the mistakes that are sometimes made in flight prices as they post to the net, Flight Drop will send you deals to incredible destinations for a promised 60 percent off.

One recent fare was an LA to Paris flight for $250 round trip. Read that again and get downloading.

Flight Drop is basically a deal alert service that tells you to book when prices to a certain destination goes down. But you'll have to turn on your notifications, because when prices drop these deal last only for a few hours.

Get busy booking!

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What tools do you use to help book your trips to Ireland? Let us know in the comments!