A stone’s throw away from Dublin’s Temple Bar, Rustic Stone, one of the properties of Irish celebrity chef Dylan McGrath, is an oasis of calm and pure, good taste.

Founded by the Dublin-born, Belfast-raised McGrath in 2010, in the immediate aftermath of Ireland’s financial collapse no less, Rustic Stone centers around the philosophy that food should be as tasty as it is nutritious, and that there should be something for everyone.

That might sound like a simple credo, but restaurants of this caliber with such an unpretentious and holistic approach to food are sadly few and far between. The dining room’s abstract wood paneling, leather booths and plenty mirrors also encapsulate its welcoming nature.

The expansive menu ranges from an exclusively raw list with items like air-dried Connemara lamb and Kenmare salmon and seaweed smoked, to sirloin steaks or tuna that you can cook to your exact liking on hot stones brought straight to the table, to damn good burgers if you’re looking for an upscale twist on a classic favorite.

The dessert menu includes winners like a rose and orange blossom trifle, and a chocolate soup and mouse which, astoundingly, has no added sugar in it. And if you think that an establishment with a healthy bent would be shy or lacking in the cocktail department, you’d be quite wrong - just try the Thyme and Honey Old Fashioned or the Elderflower and Cucumber Martini.

So, whether you’ve been in Dublin for a few days and are in need of something light and wholesome after a few too many days of fish & chips and pints, or whether you’re looking for a refined and decadent meal from a top-tier Dublin kitchen, Rustic Stone fits the bill.

Rustic Stone is located at 17 South Georges Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. http://www.rusticstone.ie