The Ericsson Skyline tour, at Croke Park, provides visitors a that very special and unique experience.

So, you’ve seen all the major tourist attraction in Dublin? Could you pick them out from 17-stories above the city? The Ericsson Skyline tour, at Croke Park, provides visitors with that very special and unique experience.

Here’s some fun facts about the amazing walk-way located at the top of the GAA stadium in Dublin’s city center:

- The Ericsson Skyline is Dublin’s highest open-viewing platform and offers breathtaking panoramic views of Ireland’s vibrant capital city, from the mountains to the sea. It’s a whopping 17 stories, 44 meters or 144.357 feet!

- The tours give its guests a really unique perspective. From above the city those taking the tour will receive insight into its heartfelt history, told in a uniquely charming way by the charismatic tour guides.

- Turn around! From the platform, there’s also an incredible view of the Croke Park pitch itself. 

- In 2016, for St. Valentine’s Day, you could book a romantic evening at Croke park at dusk. Couples could watch the sun go down over Dublin. How special.

- This year, something completely different, there have been a limited amount of yoga classes taking place on the platform. Talk about getting away from it all and clearing your head!

See Dublin from a different perspective! Live from the Ericsson Skyline, at Croke Park. Read more here:

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