Go off the beaten track with daily hikes through glaciated valleys, horse-riding on wind swept beaches, cycling through national parks, and kayaking out into protected Atlantic Ocean bays.

Watch below to see Vagabond Tours guests in action…

Go on the Irish adventure of a lifetime with Vagabond Tours

Go off the beaten track with the experts at Vagabond & Driftwood Small Group Tours of Ireland. Read more here: http://irsh.us/2xI0nYF

Posted by IrishCentral.com on Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Vagabond Tours are the original small group, multi-activity and cultural adventure tour operator of Ireland.

The story begins with Vagabond Tours owners, Rob and Amy Rankin who decided to bring South African safari, overland-style tours to Ireland. Rob and his trusty Land Rover Defender was seen touring the roads of Ireland and discovering out of the way places to deliver an authentic experience.

Fifteen years on and they have almost retired the Defenders and now have their cool new ‘VagaTrons’ - Mercedes 4x4 vehicles comfortably fitting 13 guests going off road to find an adventure and fun!

Vagabond Tours’ motto is "We want you to love Ireland as much as we do", and they really do love Ireland, proudly gaining their Gold Ecotourism Certification this year for their efforts in keeping Ireland, a beautiful country as they find it and to ensure it is there for future generations.

You might ask what makes the Vagabond Tours experience really off the beaten track.

They have the answers ready:

- Vehicles: Travel in one of Vagabond Tours’ Land Rover or Mercedes 4X4 ‘Vagatrons’. They are perfectly comfortable and add a real spirit of adventure right from the start of the trip

- Hikes: Their vehicles allow them to find remote, perfect spots to start their hikes that last for a few hours

- Sea-kayaking: Get suited up, grab your paddles and get wet! Discover friendly sea life, hidden sea caves and maybe a dolphin or two will join the group

- Where you’ll stay: Vagabond don't want to tell everyone about where they stay but let’s just say the hotels are family owned, smaller, and pretty unique

- Castles: A few secret ones along the tour that only Vagabond Tours know about

- Choices: Enjoy a culinary adventure in the evenings where you are free to go off the beaten track and discover your own pub or restaurant

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