Did you know about this special detail on Irish passports?

Irish passports are very popular right now. Since the United Kingdom's Brexit referendum, in 2016, there has been a huge spike in Irish passport applications from Northern Ireland and Britain. The Irish passport office has been working at top speed and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs has even opted to open new passport offices to deal with the massive surge. 

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The Irish passport is hot right now and with more and more of these coveted maroon colored, harp be-decked booklets doing the rounds you'll be surprised by what you've missed. 

There is a unique detail about the Irish passport itself that you’ve probably never noticed.

A Reddit user recently pointed out the little known feature.

Irish passports have tricolor stitching!

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Tricolor stitching in the Irish passport. Credit: Reddit/Reddit user RadioctiveSnake

Tricolor stitching in the Irish passport. Credit: Reddit/Reddit user RadioctiveSnake

It seems both new and older passports have the patriotic stitching, which is located in the very middle of the passport (between pages Visa numbers 18 and 19).

Wishing you had an Irish passport? Anyone born on the island of Ireland, or whose parents and grandparents were born there, is automatically entitled to be an Irish citizen and qualifies for a passport.

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* Originally published in 2017.