Ireland has been named one of the best eco-friendly places in the world for the new year.

Big 7 Travel has unveiled its list of the 50 Best Eco-Friendly Places to Visit in 2024, and Ireland came in at number 49.

According to the global travel site, "The list encompasses a diverse range of destinations across the globe, each exemplifying the embodiment of sustainable tourism. These spots are not only stunning, but they are also leading the way when it comes to sustainability. They embrace renewable energy, protect biodiversity, and support local communities, setting an example for responsible travel."

"Each destination on the list has its own unique story and sustainable practices that contribute to a greener future. Whether it's Argentina's prioritization of environmental conservation or Mauritius' diverse cultural heritage and conservation efforts for its coral reefs, these destinations provide fulfilling experiences without compromising on sustainability."

Ireland made the 49th place on the list, between Nijmegen, Netherlands in the 50th spot and Gozo, Malta in the 48th spot.

"Ireland offers a mix of stunning scenery and lively cities. From the majestic cliffs of Moher to the exciting streets of Dublin, there's an abundance of beauty and energy to experience," writes

"You can surround yourself with history as you explore ancient castles and embrace the serenity of rolling green hills or dive into the captivating world of Irish folklore and legends that will leave you spellbound. It’s also a haven for sustainable travellers, with plenty of activities that celebrate and nurture the country’s beautiful nature."

The number one most eco-friendly place was Bhutan followed by Iceland in second place. Finland took the third spot, and Slovenia and Switzerland rounded out the top five.

"At Big 7 Travel, we believe that travel should not only inspire but also encourage responsible and eco-friendly practices," said Aleyna Yilmaz, Editor of Big 7 Travel.

"We hope that by highlighting these 50 eco-friendly places, travellers will feel inspired to make conscious choices that support sustainability while experiencing the beauty of the world."

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