Ireland's tourism agency is seeking Irish people of all ages to star in short online movies promoting the country overseas in an effort to attract more tourists.

Tourism Ireland wants Irish Individuals and families and people with an enthusiasm for Ireland.
A similar campaign ran last year resulting in several Irish natives from all corners of the country staring in 10 short films.

The films were translated into five European languages and posted on several social media websites as well as sites linked to Tourism Ireland. The ads, giving potential visitors a glimpse into real life in Ireland, were viewed by over half a million people worldwide.

Brian Twomey, Tourism Ireland’s Head of Marketing Communications, said: “This was a new and innovative approach for us in 2009 to engage potential holidaymakers around the world with the kind of real experience that a holiday here offers them.
"It was a unique promotional tool and a first, as no other national tourist board had done this before. It researched strongly and because the initiative worked so well for us last year, we are doing it all again in 2010."

“Allowing our local characters to showcase their favourite places gives a great feeling of authenticity for potential visitors, as well as providing them with that ‘inside track’ on great things to do and experience all over this island. It is their sheer passion for their localities that makes these films resonate so well with potential visitors.”

This year's short movies will focus on a local person or families who will provide a short "travelogue" of their county or city. The individuals will share with the world their favorite places and things to do.

As soon as the cast has been selected filming will take place.
Tourism Ireland hope to have 16 short movies online just in time for St. Patrick's Day.