There are numerous sightings, of course, of our American cousins in Ireland but how do you absolutely, definitely know its your distant cousin from Des Moines?

Here are the top 10 ways.

1. Look for the CIE Tour Bus.

CIE Tour bus.

It is the most popular way for Americans to visit on 7 to ten day all-in packages. It is the trip of a lifetime for most.

2. Scratching their heads outside Trinity College as they look at  a map.

Tourists outside Trinity College.

Irish street signs are confusing, incorrect often and plain mystifying for most Americans.

3. On the jaunting car in Killarney or at the Quiet Man cottage in Connemara.

Reliving "The Quiet Man" on a jaunting cart.

Only Americans, say locals, take the romantic trip with the jarvey and the "Quiet Man" trail.

4. Ordering a pint of Guinness in the early morning.

Usually, only tourists order a pint so soon after breakfast.

It is one of their sacred duties to have a glass of the black stuff as soon as possible after they arrive.

5. Gathered like starlings in hotel lobbies early in the AM.

Hotel rooms usually aren't ready until the afternoon.

When they come off the overnight flight the rooms aren’t ready in most hotels.

6. Asking for directions, Irish people refuse to admit they’re lost, Americans have no problems.

Which way will we go today?

7. Visiting Kilmainham Jail, Glasnevin Cemetery where 1916 heroes were shot and many buried.

Kilmainham Gaol is popular with American tourists.

Irish history a very serious pursuit for Irish Americans, Europeans rarely care.

8. Singing “Danny Boy” to their heart’s content in late night bars.

To tourists, "Danny Boy" is like the national anthem.

Danny Boy is their default song and they fell deeply emotional about it, they just love to sing it or hear it.

9. Braving rain, wind and snow cheerfully.

Irish weather is a novelty for some U.S. tourists.

Irish weather especially for those from Midwest or East never a problem, nothing compared to icy winters back home.

10.Shedding a quiet tear and hug at the airport on the wayback.

Saying goodbye to Ireland is never easy.

A trip of a lifetime over for many.