When visiting the old sod, the locals can sometimes wind up tourists for their own amusement.  Dublin Wit is a new book by Des MacHale and offers some guidance on figuring out who the pranksters are.

Here are the top ten pieces of misleading advice for tourists he says have been tried.

1. On boarding the DART (local train system) in Dublin, it is customary to shake hands with all the passengers.

2. Dublin is known as the City of Singing Bus Drivers. Ask for your favorite song and they will be happy to oblige.

3. Ladies of the night in Dublin traditionally dress as female policemen. They will resist your approaches to add to the excitement of the occasion.

4. All traditional musicians in pubs are strictly teetotal. Never insult these men by offering to buy them alcoholic drinks. Raspberry cordial is their preferred tipple.

5. On first visiting a church, it is customary to drink the entire contents of the holy water font.

6. Most restaurants provide a dish with small change for the convenience of tourists.

7. Entry to Croke Park (Ireland’s national stadium) on All-Ireland day is free for visitors as long as they are wearing their chosen county colors.

8. Most small shops provide racks of postcards free for visitors, take as many as you like.

9. Why not buy a page from The Book of Kells in the library of Trinity College? The cost is just ten euro and a self service system operates.

10. Have you tried the famous echo in the reading room of the National Library?

Click here to purchase Dublin Wit by Des MacHale.

*Originally published in 2011