We have always known that the Irish are welcomed with open arms around the world, but now we know the power behind an Irish passport. A new study has found that out of 50 countries Ireland has the 17th most powerful passport.

GoEuro compiled a study of 50 countries' passports looking at four factors to calculate the passport’s power. Their criteria included visa free access, pricing, length of validity, and the number of hours a citizen would have to work in order to obtain a visa.

Their study aimed to look at “which nationalities’ passports are the most useful in making your way around the globe.”

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Ireland came in 17th with access to 171 countries visa free, a cost of $95 and the average worker having to work nine hours to afford the passport. The American visa came in fourth overall with access to 174 countries visa free, a price of $111, and the average worker having to graft for 11 hours for the pleasure.

The Swedish passport finished in the top spot as most valuable while Afghanistan’s passport came in last giving travelers access to only 28 countries and costing $105 which would take an average worker 183 hours to earn. Turkish passports are the most expensive in the world at $252, while United Arab Emirates passports are the cheapest, costing a measly $11.

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