Those at the head of The Gathering Ireland 2013 have vowed to weed out any events scheduled during the festival or any scammers attempting to claim some of the special funding being allocated.

The Gathering issued this warning after it emerged that the official website was advertizing “events” such as birthday parties, weddings and Holy Communions, reports the Irish Daily Star.

A spokesperson said not all the events listed on the website can apply for funding and those that do are strictly vetted. They stressed that the funding for this yearlong tourism strategy will not be abused and the site is policed for inappropriate postings.

They said, “We cannot stop people advertising events on the website, but we are reviewing those posted.”

One event posted on the site for July was labelled “party up the waterfall for Leaving Cert Year 1994. BYOB folks.”

The Gathering Ireland 2013 is a year-long party of nationwide events, which are to be organised locally, to bring 325,000 overseas visitors to Ireland.


Irish Tourism Minister Leo VaradkarNiall Carson c/o PA