A new multimedia web story by Ireland.com has an amazing challenge for tourists of 50 things to do in Dublin in the space of 48 hours.

The weekend guide is jam-packed and includes excellent suggestions such as top pubs, restaurants, music venues and tourist attractions but would you have the stamina?

Check out the promo:

Their recommendations, available on Ireland.com, are really top notch but we just don’t see how it’s physically possible. For one even if you had a helicopter the weekend in Dublin they suggest would be more like some kind of high-energy treasure hunt than a weekend break.

Take the first night in Dublin. You’re heading to the Cobblestone, in Smithfield, then on to Bison Bar for a BBQ and then on to Whelan’s for live music and the Vintage Cocktail Club. That’s a pretty great, but perhaps heavy night out.

Then you’re up at 10am and off to the National Gallery to take in some culture. On to Trinity, and the Little Museum, all before lunch. Then it’s on to a flea market, Guinness Storehouse, dinner, theater and on to the Bernard Shaw for more drinks!

Their jam-packed schedule also only give about an hour for every activity! The flash would be pushed to cram all this in.

By the Sunday morning, on the DART at 10am again, you would surely be exhausted. On you go to jump into the sea, climb Killiney Hill and then back into town to take in Grafton Street and sure if you’ve time why not try to fit in wake-boarding at the Grand Canal Dock.

Nope! It’s just not possible.

The tagline for the campaign reads “It’s one thing to say you’ve been to Dublin. Another to say you’ve done it.” But our advice is follow this guide and take their advice but enjoy Dublin and spread out these wonderful activities over five days. Your head and body will thank you for it.