May is here, and with it comes the start of peak tourism season for Ireland!

Whether you already have your tickets booked or are just now considering a trip, you’re probably wondering which spots you just can’t leave out of your itinerary.

For a relatively small country (Ireland can fit in the state of Pennsylvania with room to spare), Ireland offers more than its fair share of attractions – from historic castles to outdoor adventures, from sandy beaches to cozy pubs.

If you’re a lover of Ireland, chances are you’ve already been to or at least know about the main attractions – the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle, Newgrange, the Book of Kells, the Guinness Storehouse, etc. – all of which are truly spectacular in their own rights and deserving of a visit.

But for the month of May, IrishCentral is focusing on the Ireland’s best kept travel secrets – the hidden gems, overlooked spots and off-the-beaten track attractions that don’t get nearly as much attention as they should.

As tempting as it might be to keep these secret spots secret, we also believe they’re entitled to their due praise and moment in the spotlight.

So tell us! What, in your opinion or experience, is Ireland’s best kept travel secret?

It can be a little-known castle or ancient site, an overlooked island, a day’s adventure, a museum, an off-the-beaten-track village that captured your heart, a pub where you had a memorable night, or any other attraction you think could count as a travel secret.

Email your tip to or leave a note in the comment section below. We can’t wait to hear what you recommend!