Read more: Surfers discover new wave off the west coast of Ireland

News this week of a new 'killer' wave off the west coast of Ireland, had surfers here bristling with excitement. All the more so, as the exact location was being kept secret?. We have our suspicions though, Mullaghmore or Easkey perhaps?

Obviously not for the faint-hearted or amateur, waves like this 'monster prowler' first captured our imagination and respect in a TV advert for a bank, that was released a couple of years ago. The incredible footage, you can watch it at the
link below, featured Irish surfing champions Fergus Smith and John McCarthy, tackling the 80' high Ailies wave beneath the Cliffs of Moher, which are scary enough in their own right.

A remnant of the last ice age, these 600' cliffs have become Ireland's premier visitor attraction with almost a million visitors annually? A new state of the art visitor center The Atlantic Edge Experience not only explains the geological background, flora and fauna using interactive media, but also local history, music and folklore and is an excellent addition, in that it keeps children of all ages informed, amused and entertained, in what could otherwise be a disappointing experience as often the cliffs are shrouded in mists, fog and rain or as a visitor described it recently 'flying weather'.

But if that isn't 'edgy' enough for you there are plenty of surf schools in nearby Lahinch and indeed all along the western seaboard from Cork to Donegal. In fact we might owe our economy in the future to our wonderful coastline on the westernmost tip of Europe and the vagaries of the weather, which has led to Ireland being promoted as a premier surf destination.

But then that is something these cool dudes have known forever.