Players up the ante at the Super
Poker Event of Europe 2012.
As February looms closer on the horizon, those of us involved with The Gathering Dublin are becoming more familiar with the sporting events that will be taking place in South Dublin. Now, Irish Dancing I’m a dab-hand…dab-foot at, what with having seen Riverdance TWICE in my life. Sure, one of them was on the television but the other time I was definitely there, in flesh and blood. Yes, I was in the cheap seats. No, I couldn’t see much. Some people just don’t like taking their hats off in the theater.

But as to the other sport being played, Poker, well, I’ll have to plead my ignorance. I’m not very good at bluffing…I assume you knew that though. I can’t hide it.

When PokerIreland first joined The Gathering Dublin, I thought it was going to be mostly people from the UK (considering there are ferries that go between Holyhead and Dublin it’s never been easier to fly or sail back and forth) but I've just been told that players from France, Lithuania and a big group from India have signed up to take part in the 2013 Super Poker Event of Europe.

That's right, people from around the world coming to Citywest Convention Center in South Dublin. All under our banner of "Meet to Compete".

What this means is that with 1,000 players expected to play, the prize-pool is now estimated at €300,000. As a man with plenty of tells and no-bluff, it’s pretty easy to see how excited I was about it.

The main event starts Saturday 23rd of February at 12pm with a 20,000 starting stack. I have no idea what that means and so I expect to have had all my chips taken by 12.10pm. Blinds are 30 minutes, then 45 minutes. This is so exciting, I have no idea what any of this means! Entry is €300, plus €50 Registration Fee which includes tax.

There’s also a Super Deaf Poker Event on 22ndFebruary at 7pm where only sign language can be used. This event is open to both deaf/hard of hearing and hearing players. More information is available here.

Finally, on Friday 22nd and 24th of February the organizers have partnered with Raining Aces, a large poker organizer from India to host a very special international team event. I’m not allowed to take part in this one. I’m really bad at poker. I might have mentioned that before.  But I bet the people playing in this one are good. I’d bet my pants on it!

Please note: I have been informed the tournament organizers will not accept pants as a valid bet.

So a lot will be taking place in Citywest Convention Center that involves poker. I’m excited to just be there and learn from some of the best. Will YOU be joining us? Let us know!

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