For those of you that haven’t heard, Ireland has been having some amazingly pleasant weather for the past few weeks and the nation is taking advantage of it and taking to the beach. Whoever said “it’d be a great little country if only we could roof it” would have been bowled over with the pleasant weather of the past month. Ireland actually saw very little rain and temperatures were up to 75F.

Photographer Darach Glennon, who loves his hometown of Galway and photographing light, stuck out on Sunday, June 5 when he took to Tracht Beach, at Kinvara to shoot the sunset. He took these shots of what he describes “paradise on the west coast of Ireland” between 9.30 and 10pm, he told IrishCentral.

Glennon wrote on his Facebook page:

“I could have put my feet up after a long day today, but as the sun began to set, I took the chance of heading over to Tracht beach near Kinvara... and was I so glad I did! A magnificent sunset unfolded as the last few people took a dip in the Atlantic Ocean – I know why I love Galway so much!!”

Kinvara, Galway, is located along the Wild Atlantic Way, one of the longest defined coastal routes in the world. The popular trail is located on the west coast and hits nine counties. These amazing photos were taken just outside the sea port village of Kinvara.

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Kinvara, Galway: Stunning views along the Wild Atlantic Way show why Ireland is truly paradise, once the weather cooperates.Darach Photography