Best friends Chris Hill and Colin McCadden traveled the length and breadth of Ireland to capture its stunning and varied landscapes, intertwining breathtaking imagery with involving commentary, in this unique interactive iBook, released in 2014.

The pair embarked on many trips across Ireland in a camper-van over a two-and-a-half-year period to create this legacy. Photographs, notes and research were recorded as they traveled, often reaching some of the most remote parts of the country. More than 25,000 miles were covered, with Chris taking over 30,000 photographs along the way, the very finest of which were selected for publication. Helicopter flights were also commissioned to augment their road marathon, providing unique aerial shots.

Hill said “With the freedom of the camper-van there were many times when we discovered breathtaking scenery off the usual."

McCadden added, “In most cases my commentary has simply tried to complement Chris’s amazing photography, but I have also provided additional historical and educational aspects and facts which I know will be of interest to many.”

The totally new experience to the world of electronic reading, “Ireland - in a new light” is a multi-touch, interactive eBook, specifically designed for the iPad. It offers readers the chance to explore all of the country’s 32 counties through an introductory movie, stunning photography, tap-and-swipe galleries, and direct access to a number of Ireland related websites, all backed up with running commentary which provides light, historical and political context, anecdotal facts, and stories of myth and legend.

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Brought to you by National Geographic photographer Chris Hill, and graphic designer and writer Colin McCadden, the iBook captures not only stunning scenery, but also records of man-made structures on the island dating from ancient times to the present day.  Also brought to light through pictures and words are the remains and history of ornate monasteries and abbeys from the 5th century, and magnificent medieval castles built by the Anglo-Normans in the 12th and 13th centuries.

“Ireland – in a new light” is a new end result, following the former publication of a series of hard backed printed photographic coffee-table books by Hill and McCadden, entitled “Scenic Ireland”, one for each of the island’s provinces. Teaming up yet again, they have combined the four books into a compelling experience of one iBook.

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*Originally published in March 2014.