Despite what you may have been told there is a lot more to Ireland than shamrocks, leprechauns and crocks of gold and to be honest before the Millennium, St Patricks Day was no big deal in Ireland, the whole razzmatazz surrounding it now was more an invention of Irish emigrants worldwide finding an excuse to celebrate their roots on the day. So here in Ireland, we would never actually drink green beer or dye whole rivers green like in Chicago. We have unfortunately adopted the whole silly hats thing.......

Traditionally, you donned your homemade St Patricks badge or fist of shamrock went to Mass and then if you lived near Dublin went to the parade to watch the marching bands and the odd float, now St Patricks is a huge festival lasting a week, with various cultural and fun events for all the family and visitors, with an estimated 500,000 cramming the city centre for the parade on St Patricks Day. There is even a huge fireworks display at alternative venues throughout Ireland, but Dublin is the place to be if you can make it on the day.

Down the country, although there are lots more localised parades, St Patricks Day is still more likely to celebrated traditionally especially on the islands and in Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) areas with traditional music and dancing, gaa matches, drinking too but that’s okay, its every Irishmans prerogative and a custom to be able to break their Lenten fast on St Patricks Day.

To find out more visit or download the following free iPhone app where you will learn more about Ireland in 5 mins then most wanabee Irish find out in a lifetime including the following:-

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Susan Byron author of Irelands Hidden