A wise, and oft quoted man, once said “it’d be a great little nation if you could roof it,” referring to Ireland’s stereotypical rainy weather but this summer Ireland’s seen more than a few beautiful summer's days. Don’t believe us, ask the Brazilians.

This beautiful short film was posted by E-Dublin, the biggest Brazilian website in Ireland. With shots of Dublin, from Phoenix Park, to Stephen’s Green and out on the DART to Howth, this sunny footage of Ireland will make you fall in love all over again.

As their caption says “Ireland is so beautiful in the summer!”

The video was created by E-Dublin team members, Lu Guimarães and Gustavo Korontai, and the beautiful soundtrack is “Welcome Home” by Radical Face. E-Dublin as founded in 2008 and is the biggest website dedicated to Brazilians in Ireland. For more follow them on Facebook.

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