Irish economy airline giant Ryanair is to implement plans to charge travelers the use of the on board toilet.

The airline is working closely with Boeing to develop a coin operated door release gadget that can be fitted in Ryanair's fleet.

The plan is to charge travelers $1.50 to use the toilet on flights that last less than one hour.

A Ryanair spokesperson said it will "encourage passengers to use toilet facilities in airport terminals before boarding."

Ryanair's chief executive Michael O'Leary had announced his plans to charge customers the use of toilets last year, but the company seemed to move away from that idea and said that O'Leary "makes a lot of this stuff up as he goes along."

It now look like O'Leary will get his way and the toilet coin locks will be fitted to it's fleet of 168 Boeing 737-900s.

The in flight Ryanair Magazine states that the company is "developing the cost -saving option in order to reduce fares, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.'


The magazine humorously states that it hopes that the new measures will enable the airline to remove two of the three toilets on the Boeing's and allow them to replace the toilets with six seats. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) said Ryanair had not notified them of their plans to increase seating capacity.

"The removal of toilets to make room for additional seats is a matter for the European Aviation Safety Agency," said a spokesperson for the IAA.