Very few people have climbed to the top of Tormore Island, a remote 500-foot sea stack on the marvelous Slievetooey coastline in Co. Donegal.

“There are few places on Earth that can compare to the surreal nature of the coastal architecture that surrounds Tormore Island,” said Iain Miller, the rock climber in the unreal video below.

The sea stack towers over a collection of other massive stacks and skerries, and is nearly inaccessible as well as dangerous because of the white water below. Climbers like Miller call this area “the realm of the giants.”

“The landward channel of Tormore comprises a small cauldron of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by the giants of Tormore, Hidden Stack, Cobblers Tower, Cnoc na Mara and about a dozen other semi submerged skerries,” Miller wrote in his blog.

“Under normal sea conditions this wee cauldron is a white watered pits of hate and a suicidal place to be paddling.” He got lucky with the weather and waves on the day he took the video, which may give you vertigo.

The pitches of the route to the summit vary in difficulty - some require more technical rock climbing skills, and others lean more toward mountaineering.

“It’s the top of the world, man,” he says in the video, showing us the unbelievable view from the summit and the route, at 500 feet above the ocean and 1,600 feet from the nearest point of mainland Donegal.

“It is impossible to express in words a location that few even know exist and only five have ever stood,” he said. He considers it to be the most remote and beautiful coastline in Ireland.