With respect?

What a miserable piece of rubbish Matt Gross wrote about being 'Lost in Ireland' in yesterdays New York Times. Three pages of a whingeing, self-pitying comdemnation of Ireland and its people, which could have been avoided if the bold Matt had done a little bit of forward planning?

I mean which one of us here in Ireland, would land up in the USA with out some sort of a plan? What are your chances of 'losing yourself' while simultaneously 'having a good time' and connecting with the 'locals' setting off from the rental carpark of Newark of JFK without an itinery or even a map?

I get queries everyday from extremely well clued in Americans who visit my website http://www.irelands-hidden-gems.com/ who are planning their trip to Ireland with laser like precision and I am more then happy to help them achieve that authentic experience of Ireland they all dream about.

So, next time Matt? dont go wandering off on your own, give us a shout and we will sort you out.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Byron author of http://www.irelands-hidden-gems.com/