Fancy an irish adventure off the beaten path? A new Irish based travel company called wants to offer something wild and different.

Dublin based entrepreneur James Mannion,27, is the man behind which went live this week.

The former banker wants to offer visitors the chance to see what he calls "the real Ireland".

A childhood of summers in Connemara and extensive trips to Africa, Australia and the U.S. while at university gave him a passion for exploring.

An economic crisis and a forced redundancy offered him the chance to follow his heart. "It was during his reflective period of unemployment when the brainchild of his business sprung.

"On the advice of my mother I headed down to a traditional music festival, The Willy Clancy festival in County Clare. I saw some guy in one of the bars of Malbay one evening belting out 'Puc ar Buile', an old Irish song.

The sound coming from him was guttural, defiant and above all, Irish. It was in Gaelic and I felt inspired by this guy singing a ballad about some mad goat. I felt lucky to be Irish. I decided there and then that I wanted to bring the real Ireland to the world; to show visitors what Ireland was all about."

Mannion does not want to bring his clients on wild goat chases but he does want to help people discover Ireland in a personal, unconventional way.

He has not aligned itself with a chain of hostels, preferring to give his clients a choice of select camping spots in destinations he goes to. "Camping opens up so many opportunities to stay in areas which would otherwise be impractical or impossible to access, I want to take tourists off the beaten track, away from the crowds and to experience some breathtaking scenery from the moment you wake up."

Mannion has invested in a bus for transportation and state of the art camping equipment. He claims his business' secret ingredient is his knowledge and understanding of the Irish countryside.

Giddygoatstours depart twice weekly from the capital every Monday and Wednesday from the 9th of May until the end of September.

"The business is an infant. I want to include more off-beat festivals to my clients, for example, the Dunfanaghy jazz festival in Co. Donegal is as New Orlean as it is Irish. It's a beautiful village that I think might be suffering from the crisis as much as any other small village in Ireland but it's got x-factor - I want to show people this side of Ireland. I'd bring Queen Elizabeth or Obama or both together if they wanted and they'd have some craic."

The tour includes a camp out and breakfast on Innis Oir, the smallest of the Aran islands, a view of a sunset from the Cliffs of Moher and a surfing lesson in the Burren.  An annual three day tour to the Willy Clancy festival in mid July is what he deems his company's unique selling point in memory of the giddy puc.


Giddy Goat Tour's picture of the day - Glendalough, County