American tourists may be left scratching their heads over an official new map of Ireland that confuses Kerry with Cork and Waterford with Kilkenny.

Think of an American map with Dallas in New Mexico and Las Vegas in California.

The Official Road Atlas, which sells over 100,000 copies, has Cork's Bantry Bay and picturesque Mizen Head located in County Kerry.

In addition, Kilkenny county has been party annexed by neighboring Waterford much to the chagrin of the locals.

A spokesman for Ordnance Survey Ireland told the Irish Times that a number of complaints had been made in relation to the errors.

“It was brought to our attention almost immediately. It should never have got through but unfortunately it did,” he said. “It was an error and it is going to be fixed on the next reprint,” the spokesman said.

Ordnance Survey Ireland says the road map, is the most popular mapping product covering the 32 counties.

So if you see a confused American looking for Bantry, County Kerry this summer, be sure to put him right.