Game of Throne fans, Riverrun castle, the ancestral home of the Tullys, can now be yours to call home.

The castle, which in real life is located in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland and is named Gosford Castle, has featured prominently on the hit HBO series. The fictional Riverrun is where Catelyn Stark grew up before marrying Ned Stark and moving to Winterfell and where Rob Stark beheaded Richard Karstark in the third season.

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You can now live in Gosford Castle but you will have to share it with other as it has been broken up into apartments for sale.

According to BroBible, the structure was built in the mid-1800s for the 2nd Earl of Gosford. It was occupied by British soldiers during the Second World War and the grounds were used as a war camp for prisoners. The castle was then sold to the Ministry of Agriculture before falling back into military use during the Troubles. It was used as a hotel from 1983.

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The castle was renovated in 2006 made into 23 luxury apartments. The portion of the castle now on sale (for around $660,000) has been split into six luxury apartments. Each apartment measures an average of 3,500 square feet, and has its own title: the Inner Bailey, the Great Hall, the Old Keep, the Dining Room House, the Library Wing, and the Round Tower.

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Maison Real Estate listing for the castle can be found here.