It's €200,000 (approx. $225k) for this fixer-upper, crumbling, stone house in west Cork.

According to estate agent Charles McCarthy of Skibbereen, the ruined farmhouse near Baltimore at Gortnalicky, on Ringarogy Island, could be a “very nice” holiday home.

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There are several holiday homes in the area, many of which have been renovated and are owned by wealthy families. He says the asking price of the dilapidated property reflects the cottage’s rarity and the area’s climate.

“You’re in the St Tropez of Ireland,” he told the Irish Times. “I’m going around in short sleeves here. We had no snow this week.”

The property includes a second, roofless cottage. Both buildings need serious renovations that could cost €150,000k.

“It’s really a blank canvas, and we are running out of that kind of property around here,” said McCarthy. “Twenty years ago you might have been able to pick up this kind of property for €50,000 or less, but those days are gone.”

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The house is slightly elevated and looks over Roaringwater Bay, another plus for the property, says McCarthy.

“Many houses of this kind were built in a dip, to protect them from the weather, and so they don’t have these views.”

Although renovations for the house could cost €150,000, refurbished homes in this part of west Cork regularly go for €300,000-€500,000, according to McCarthy.

The listing for the property can be found here.