Sometimes all you need is fresh eyes on a subject matter and this Italian filmmaker’s weekend project of filming Dublin with his iPhone is the perfect example. Dublin’s relatively new and modern Docklands come alive in this gorgeous short movie shot with an iPhone 6.

Filmmaker Matteo Bertoli, originally from Brescia, in the north of Italy, told IrishCentral he was inspired to undertake this project because of his “passion for Apple products” and his gra for where he’s living, the Ringsend / Grand Canal Docks area of Dublin, often called Silicon Docks.

Bertoli said, “I have a passion for Apple products and this one was the first iPhone capable to shoot 4K videos. Plus, I love this area of Dublin and I thought it was perfect for this video. It's a very modern area, very international. I was actually pretty lucky because I found an amazing day, it was very sunny.”

The Italian filmmaker shot this hazy, lazy, picturesque clip over two days, in late September, and we think you’ll agree the quality for a smartphone camera is impressive.

Bertoli, who has lived in Ireland since 2014, hopes that his video will go viral and “show people that you don't necessarily need expensive gears to shoot great videos or films,” but he also admitted that it won’t be replacing his Blackmagic camera anytime soon.

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