This most stunning shot of Mary and Fran Smith on their wedding day was snapped in the middle of the races on Laytown Strand, County Meath, in September.

Lorraine O’Sullivan the photographer responsible said that she came across this idylic scene on September 4th and asked the newly weds, and their wedding photographer, if they’d mind waiting for the horses to come by.

O’Sullivan told IrishCentral “I approached them to see if they would hang on until there was a few horses in the background. They were happy enough to wait.

“Of course it was just after a race so we had to wait nearly 20 mins before the next lot of horses were passing on the way to the start. The couple were really nice though and didn't mind the delay.”

This annual one-day event drew in 7,500 punters this year but looking at this photo is seems like the riders put on a private show for the newly weds. This was the 148th year of the Laytown races and they, and the newly married Smith couple, were blessed with temperatures of nearly 75F.

The lucky photographer said this shot has drawn a lot of attention on her own Facebook page and also in the national press. The attention surprised her considering the photo from the Laytown Races that went viral.

She said her perfect wedding snap might have gotten more attention was it not for this shot:

Under new rules, from next year, horses will not be allowed arrive on pogo sticks at Laytown Races.

— Declan Varley (@declanvarley) September 4, 2014

This terrifying shot was featured in most of the national newspapers following the races. Amazingly no one was hurt as the horse, Arbritrageur, reared up just as the jockey, Johnny King, tried to mount. Groom Aidan Wall is seen cowering under the massive creature.

O’Sullivan commented “The best horse racing picture of the year was taken by someone else [Healy Racing] that day so all the papers used that one.”

“I thought I was great until I saw that!”

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