Ireland is full of less popular places that have a lot to offer. Here are some of the hidden gems in Ireland that will send you on an adventure you’ll never get enough of.

Ireland has its fair share of popular tourist attractions that draw in people from all over the globe. While many have heard of The Rock of Cashel, Cliffs of Moher and most certainly Dublin, Ireland is also filled with other less popular places that have a lot to offer. While some hide in the big cities themselves, others are more secluded and will send you on an adventure you’ll never get enough of.

The Sporting Emporium Casino

Let’s be honest you’re definitely going to visit Dublin when in Ireland so you might as well check out a gem that many overlook there. The Sporting Emporium Casino is regarded as the best of Dublin’s casinos. It’s located right in the heart of the city and boasts a plethora of games that no one can resist. If you’re planning on a party trip then this is where you should be headed. The place boasts an atmosphere that is a mix between luxurious and party animals so no matter who you are, you know you’re welcome. While the casino still doesn’t have an online casino option like some others, you can register for a membership online and receive some extra betting chips.

Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve

If you want to see the galaxy unravel right before your eyes then the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve is a place that you don’t want to miss. The sky at the reserve is completely devoid of light pollution, making it easy to see the dancing constellations that grace the chilly nights in Ireland. If you’re not traveling alone it’s nice to point out that the cellular connection is undisturbed, so if your travel companion isn’t as excited about the stars as you are, they can always turn to their phone for the mindless entertainment. 

The Glens of Antrim

If you’re traveling with your kids then The Glens of Antrim are the perfect getaway. There are 9 in total to explore, each with its unique background and interesting story. Visit Carnfunnock and try and get through the beach maze after a quick dip. For the horror buffs, Ballygally Castle is a beacon for spirits and supernatural occurrences, so grab your EMF reader and go see what might be out there bumping in the night. The place hosts many interesting places to explore including the vanishing lake at Loughareema and the waterfalls at Glenariff. There's something out there for everyone in The Glens of Antrim, so all of your adventurers pack your stuff and get ready for a wild ride.

The Coral Strand

Fans of the beach unite and get ready to experience sand as you’ve never experienced before. The sand that graces the beach near the town of Carraroe in Connemara is made up of crushed coralline algae. These types of beaches are very rare and by some chance, there are two of them pretty close to each other in these parts. The sand might take some getting used to at first but it’s a great experience for everyone.