A 23-year-old journalism student from The Dargle Valley in Natal, South Africa, has completed a 15,000 mile journey to “The Dargle Valley of County Wicklow, Ireland.” His epic adventure took six months.

Jethro Bronner, a self-described car enthusiast, set off for his expedition in June 2015 in a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint G that he restored.

After driving through Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom, he finally arrived in Ireland where he did some exploring. He described the country as beautiful and the people as friendly.

Before he embarked on his journey in 2015 he told Traveller 24 news why he had chosen to end his travels by the Dargle.

He said "I live and grew up in the Dargle Valley in KZN and had always wanted to travel.

“I decided to read up on Dargle’s history and decided that I wanted to travel to River Dargle in Ireland, where the original KZN Dargle settlers came from, the same settlers who built my house.”

At Powerscourt House, the finish line of my trip. #DargleToDargle #AlfaRoadTrip #GiuliaSprintGT #Alfa105 #Powerscourt

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Dargle to Dargle ✅ #DargleToDargle #Dargle #Alfa105 #AlfaRoadTrip #AlfaRomeo #GiuliaSprintGT

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Bronner has chronicled his journey in his blog Dargle to Dargle and on Instagram.