Although they may not be “secret” anymore, two stellar locations in Kerry and Dublin garnered mentions in a popular Lonely Planet ebook “Secret Europe, 50 Truly Unforgettable Experiences to Inspire Your Next Trip.”

Kerry’s Cromane Penisula came in at number five while Dublin pub John Kavanagh’s, locally known as The Gravediggers, is ranked 46.

The book aims to be a “sampler of clandestine nightclubs, secret hotels, killer views, off-the-radar villages and more to inspire your next trip.”

Free to download, it looks at “undiscovered and overlooked destinations and experiences” in Europe.

Cromane Peninsula, Kerry

The guide describes this 'secret' spot as having “spectacular water vistas and multihued sunsets.”

Located on a tiny spit branching off the Ring of Kerry between Killorglin and Glenbeigh, it boasts of views of MacGillycuddy's Reeks and the wild Atlantic. However, ironically, this secret spot is also in the middle of a famed tourist hotspot and fishing village. Hardly top secret!

John Kavanagh’s Pub (The Gravediggers), Glasnevin, Dublin

The guide says, “Walking into the pub via the left-hand door is literally stepping back in time.

“Local lore has it that the original owner decreed that all subsequent owners not change the décor.

"It is an other-wordly experience."

This pub, now run by the sixth generation of Kavanaghs, is Ireland’s oldest family-run pub. It really is a perfect place to sample a pint of plain…however, it’s also well-known and beloved to locals and visitors alike. The pub’s also located near to a major tourist attraction, Glasnevin Cemetery, where Michael Collins and other historic figures are buried. No secret there.

Current owner Eugene Kavanagh told the Irish Times, “It’s an original pub, and I’m the sixth generation Kavanagh to run the joint. I still live over the premises and reared a family here. We’re a traditional pub and we carry on as we’ve always done, but to be successful you also have to be different - which we also are.”

Here’s a short promotional video about the Gravediggers:

*Originally published in October 2014.