If you are in need of inspiration to get outside and discover the beauty of Ireland - this is essential viewing.

Renowned adventurer and travel writer James Forrest took to Twitter to share a glimpse of what it would be like to live in another realm.

The former journalist, now nicknamed "Mountain Man", explores the great outdoors and climbs mountains full-time. 

In the awe-inspiring video below, Forrest shares the view from outside his tent on Knockowen mountain in the Beara Peninsula (which straddles Counties Cork and Kerry in the South West of Ireland.)

I woke up above the clouds on Saturday. Wow. Just wow. 😍 pic.twitter.com/dsYrBSb6k6

— James Forrest (@jamesmforrest) September 2, 2018

Forrest, a record-breaking mountaineer, has now climbed 178 mountains in Ireland in a mere six week period - "only 95 to go to claim the peak-bagging record," he said.

What's even more impressive is that he continued on his quest even as Storm Ali raged!

Among his notable achievements, Forrest holds the title for being the fastest person to climb all 446 mountains in England and Wales. 

The morning I woke up in heaven ❤️ pic.twitter.com/9s3lBeW2FS

— James Forrest (@jamesmforrest) September 5, 2018

JMF vs #StormAli in the mountains of south-west Ireland 😂 (think I might slowly be losing the plot) pic.twitter.com/oduj1HSLL7

— James Forrest (@jamesmforrest) September 19, 2018

My lunch stop the other day (whatever you do, don't look down 🙈) Pic 📸 - Ben Lugmore, Ireland) #GetOutside pic.twitter.com/QtVDBw0PeL

— James Forrest (@jamesmforrest) September 22, 2018

Our society often gets a bad press - hatred, discrimination, loneliness. But I've been hitch-hiking around Ireland and my faith in humanity has been restored. So much LOVE and WARMTH and KINDNESS from these friendly strangers. The world IS a good place. 😀❤️🤗 #GetOutside pic.twitter.com/NZjdcehmhR

— James Forrest (@jamesmforrest) August 27, 2018

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