Whether the results of Super Tuesday have you spooked and you can’t wait to leave the US, or owning a home in Ireland has always been a dream, Rathlin Island off the coast of Co. Antrim may hold the key to your happiness.

Rathlin is a beautiful island paradise on the Causeway Coast, and the northernmost point of Northern Ireland. The community association of this picturesque Irish haven are searching for the perfect person to take over its resident inn.

The newly refurbished Manor House, a delightful 18th century heritage building owned by the National Trust, is a 12-bedroom inn and licensed restaurant in need of the perfect captain to take the helm.

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With Northern Ireland’s ever growing tourist industry drawing more and more travelers to the island for its old-fashioned and heartwarming sense of community, as well as its renowned scenery and abundance of wildlife, the Manor is a fantastic business opportunity for those with a history in hospitality or a perfect opening for an accommodation chain looking to extend their brand in Northern Ireland.

“This is an exciting opportunity to become part of a thriving community that would suit a management couple or individual looking for a new challenge, or indeed an operator with a small to medium chain of hotels and guest inns, looking to expand their portfolio,” Michael Cecil, Chair of the Rathlin Development & Community Association told Newsletter.co.uk.

The building itself was closed through 2015 as massive renewal project funded by the Coastal Communities Fund revived the seaside beauty and it is set to reopen as a three star inn and restaurant in summer 2016. Whoever is chosen as the lucky operator would be provided with accommodation in compensation for the “hard” task of taking up residence within the community.

As Northern Ireland's only inhabited offshore island, Rathlin has a steadily growing population of around 140 people, dotted across its 4 by 2.5 mile landmass.

The L-shaped island can only be reached from the mainland by ferry with a daily service shipping tourists and residents across the six miles to Ballycastle in Antrim on a daily basis.

Rich in history and cited by the Annals of Ulster as the site of the first Viking raid in Ireland, the volcanic island boasts 230-foot tall cliffs and the famous Bruce’s Cave. As legend goes, it was while occupying this cave that Robert the Bruce, also known as Robert I of Scotland, met with the spider that inspired him to continue his fight for Scottish independence and encouraged him to regain his title.

Rathlin is also home to Northern Ireland’s largest seabird colony with birdwatchers flooding to its shores in summertime to witness the tens of thousands of puffins, guillemots, auks, skylarks, and peregrines take up residence among the cliffs at the local Royal Society for the Protection of Birds nature reserve.

If this all wasn’t enough to convince you that this is the perfect place to live, just take a look at these and we’re sure you’ll change your mind.

You’ll have to be quick, however, as the deadline for applications is today, March 4. For more information or to apply for the position, you can email manor house rathlin@gmail.com or view the job specifications here.

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